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Big tech makes all their money by feeding off our attention. We spend so much of our time on mind numbing scrolling, and not enough time on the things that we actually care about.

Our psychology has evolved into a constant state of short-term pain avoidance, made possible by these miracle internet devices that fit inside our jean pockets.

Think about how many would-be founders, Nobel prize winners, Olympic athletes and era defining artists lay dormant. The attention economy is sapping away the entrepreneurial spirit – their latent potential.

We need to disrupt the attention economy.

We need to unlock the latent potential of the human race.

We need to turn dreamers into doers.

Do•er is an app we created that fits inside that miracle internet device in your jean pocket.

Whenever you feel the sensation of putting off an important task (like following up on an email), in favour of something that gives you temporary relief (like browsing Instagram), open up Doer and record how you feel. That’s what we call a reflection, and it’s a cornerstone of modern cognitive behavioural therapy.

Over time, through a combination of audio lessons, daily activities, habit building, and behavioural insights, you will notice yourself achieving more of your goals.

This isn’t a todo list hack. This is the science of productivity. This is how you overcome procrastination, for good.

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